Pictures of 2014

photo 1

I was going through my phone, and found some old pictures I liked. My apologies that they aren’t of the greatest quality. This first photo was taken while enjoying nice weather last spring.

photo 2

This surpsingly has no filter. There’s something about the way the sun is captured that I love.

photo 4

Both this photo and the prior were taken during a bus ride home last year (I believe this was in the winter, and the earlier photo was from spring~near summer). Am I the only one who sees the upper half of a climber of some sort near the bottom of the tree (similar to a monkey)? Unfortunately, I didn’t notice this until after the picture was taken, so I suppose I will never know what or whom it was. But maybe the intrigue adds to the beauty…

photo 3

Over the summer I went to Monumentour with a friend, and captured this picture. Clearly I didn’t get much focus on the stage; yet I still find myself adoring this picture for an unknown reason.


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