Escape – in different formats

Escape (the poem)
No bars, no cage
Yet I'm trapped
Breaking out is impossible
Frozen in place
Can't move forward
Everything is so chilling
Why? How?
They ask but don't know
It's unexplainable
They can't understand
It's something you feel, I feel

Silence is the enemy
The dark; it's conspirator
Quiet lets it swarm and sting
Quiet brings it to life

Help is so close, yet so far
They tell me I'll feel better after a nights sleep
But they don't realize the problem is within

All alone inside
No one's coming
In solitary it returns
The thought, thoughts
Stuck inside my own mind
I can't unwind
There's no escape

Escape (the short story – in progress)
Hazy vision, pounding head…overwhelming confusion. A glimmer of bright silver light is spotted. Yet a simple gaze spots something dim; heavy steel bars. The slightest touch turns the bars into a mist. What is this place? No end, no beginning; just darkness. No escape.
Not the slightest chill, or the smallest snowflake, but still frozen. Frozen in a void of emptiness. Could this be real?
Suddenly voices from the void; yearning questions loom. Why? How? They ask, as if one should know, but they don’t know. It can’t be explained or understood. It’s emotion, a feeling.
The quiet returns. In silence dastardly thoughts haunt the soul. Darkness prevails; no light can enter, there’s none to escape. Silence is the enemy, and dark it’s conspirator; they give it life. Swarming and stinging, eating away, tearing apart from the inside out; only it prevails.
“Hey, you ok?”
“Huh? What?”
“I asked if you’re alright. You seem out of it. Maybe you should go to bed, a nights sleep will help.”
“Yeah, sure. I gotta go.”
Help is so close, but there’s no way to grasp those reaching out. They’re too far, they don’t understand it. They can’t see it, because they can’t enter. The problem is within.
Solitude returns, but without solace. It has returned, it is taking over. It leaves but a shell of a person that once was; emptiness. A few words are all that remain.
Own mind.
Can’t unwind.
No escape.
Vision is always 20/20 when you look into the past, now it is too late. A short, hollow future is what remains.


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