Earth Day 2015: 10 simple things you can do to help the environment – and save money

Earth Day; think about giving back to nature today, without this planet we’d be nothing (quite literally). Metro gives 10 simple tips to easily do so. Hoping to get out and take some nature photos today, to honor this planet. Have a Happy Earth Day everyone!


Today is Earth Day, the annual global event promoting awareness of ecological issues.

Here are some extremely simple tips for things we can all do to help protect the environment. A lot of it might be common sense, but it never hurts to have a reminder.

1. Throw less stuff away

Stick your recyclables in the recycling, put your leftover food in the compost, and try to reduce how much you send to landfill, as landfill sites are kind of gross and look like this:

Waste not, want not? (Picture: Getty) Waste not, want not? (Picture: Getty)

2. Turn things off if you’re not using them.

Turning your TV off at the end of the day can a difficult and time-consuming process (*cough*) – but leaving it on standby overnight is not only a pointless addition to your carbon footprint; it could also add up to £86 to your electricity bill each year.

3. Only boil the water you need

Do you…

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