Things have been hectic as of late. Time has a way of slipping through our hands and drifting off, becoming the past, never to be seen again. That is precisely what has happened this past month or so, hence there has been a vacancy in posts. So first off, I’d like to say thanks. Thank you to all those followers who stayed despite this dormant period, and thank you to those new followers who have also stuck it out.

The Plan                                                                                                                          Firstly, I’m going to play catch up on posts. This includes QOTDs, photos, PFYTs, writing, art, etc. Next: in the post Empty, Pause and an Update,  I mentioned how I wanted to revive an old story. This will be posted in parts; I have yet to decide how often (most likely it will be weekly or biweekly). Since it will be posted in parts I want to create a separate section on the blog, so that no one will have to dig through other posts to read it. I am not sure of how to do this from a technical aspect, but I am working on figuring that out (if anyone knows how already, I’d love a heads up :]). Besides that, I will continue on with this blog as I’d stated in the first post.

An Old Comment/Upcoming                                                                                               In the post Empty, Pause and an Update, I included a photo of a rainbow that appeared on my notebook. It persisted for the next few days, and I knew it was caused by the effect that the glass had on the light. However, I am now a bit more inclined to believe Red Sunset’s comment: The rainbow on the notebook may be a sign. Since then, things have seemed a bit brighter: including my acceptance into a volunteer program in Spain this July (where I will most definitely be taking photos and writing). Also, I will be driving to Virginia this weekend and heading to a Red Bulls game (posts to come).


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